Top 10 Unusual Garden Gifts

Unusual Garden Gifts (Our Top 10)

The Best Unique Garden Gifts on the Internet

Getting unusual gardening gifts is no exception to our principle that the best gifts are the ones that are unique and special to the recipient. The key to giving a unique gardening gift is really to think outside of the box … alright so you have probably heard that before, but now is the time to think beyond mere tools, plants, and a statue for her garden. So let’s take a look at the special gardening gifts we dug up (corny pun alert … I couldn’t help myself):


Unusual Garden Gifts # 10

WormsUnusual Gardening Gifts Worms

Now I bet you didn’t see this coming, when you started searching for unusual gardening gifts. I am a gardener and I didn’t even see this coming when I started working on this list! Now, if you’re not a gardener take a second to understand how AWESOME worms are for a gardener/garden (and that there are special worms for the job). Your second is up! :P Worms increase the quality of soil and can increase the speed of composting! What more can you ask for?

Get some Worms.



Unusual Garden Gifts # 9

Unusual Gardening Gifts SundialSundial

I find this gift unique because of how it almost serves a purpose. People have cell phones, watches, computers, clocks, etc. to tell the time, but still the sundial reminds me of time (and of a time gone by). This made the list because sun dials are cultural (technological culture), almost practical, and cool. I can’t really think of any gardener who wouldn’t like a sun dial as an ornament. I don’t mean that to sound like I’m exaggerating. Just think about it. Either someone will like it as an ornament, or if they don’t usually get ornaments they will like it as a cultural/quasi-practical garden addition.

Learn more.



Unusual Garden Gifts # 8

Mushroom Growing KitUnusual Gardening Gifts Mushroom Growing Kit

Now the only reason this is not closer to the top of the list of these special gardening presents is that some people don’t like mushrooms (and plenty of gardeners don’t grow for food). That said if the person you are buying for grows for food and loves mushrooms, but has not grown them yet, then this is a great gift!

Find a Mushroom Growing Kit.

You may also want to get them a mushroom growing book.



Unusual Garden Gifts # 7

Unusual Gardening Gifts Humane Pest DeterentsHumane Pest Control

One of the realities of growing plants (especially food of course) is defending them against pests. This means anything from deer to squirrels to slugs. A gardener needs to take care to protect their gardener from this creatures, but it doesn’t really make sense for someone to kill them outright. They all live there too …

Find humane pest control at HavaHart.

Also, you could get them Copper Tape for slugs and snails.



Unusual Garden Gifts # 6

Soil Testing KitUnusual Gardening Gifts Soil Testing Kit

Now if you’re not a gardener this may not sound very cool. Just like getting a digital microscope may not be interesting to you if your not a biologist (or interested in biology geek) this is a gift that will only seem cool to the enthusiast. As a gardener this is a cool tool that will help improve the quality of the soil and hence the garden.

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Unusual Garden Gifts # 5

Unusual Gardening Gifts CompostCompost

High quality soil is one of the most important components of a strong and healthy garden. You can help nourish someones plants and keep their soil vibrant with microorganisms that nourish the soil and plants with a fresh load of compost. At the end of the day, this unique gardening gift works (Every time) because a gardener will never get too much of it. LOL, do be mindful of the size of their plot though :P

You can check locally for compost, and send a big load to that special gardener.

You may also want to consider getting them a composter (especially if the recipient lives in an urban area).



Unusual Garden Gifts # 4

Unusual Gardening Gifts Cold FrameCold Frame

As you may have guessed a cold frame is a way of protecting plants from the cold, in particular the frost. This is a way to ensure that newly sprouted plants survive in the spring. In slightly warmer climates they can help to protect harvest through the fall and winter. Do keep in mind that a cold frame may be an unusual gardening gift, but it cannot work miracles! If it snows where your loved one lives then this will not protect the plants.

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Unusual Garden Gifts # 3

Personalized/Custom Garden Ornament

Garden ornaments are alright, but a regular ornament is pretty standard. My wife made a custom lawn gnome for a client once (she’s an artist in Victoria BC, where I live) and it was really cool. All you need to do is look for a sculpture or artist in your area and ask them to do the commission for you. It shouldn’t cost more than $120-$150 for a custom made gnome, but do be patient and considerate. Trust me artists don’t get the respect they deserve sometimes.

Also, you could put an ad up on Craig’s List or Kijiji, or whatever else is common in your area.



Unusual Garden Gifts # 2

Unusual Gardening Hydroponics kitA Hydroponics System

It’s unfortunate that hydroponics is generally associated with basement ‘grow-ops’. The fact of the matter is that hydroponics is a great way to grow fast and healthy plants. I feel that a hydroponics system is best used outside, as it doesn’t cost electricity and it seems a lot healthier for a plant to grow on sunlight, rather than artificial light. This is really cool and unique gift that your gardening friend or loved one won’t see coming.

Learn more at Amazon.



Unusual Garden Gifts # 1

GreenhouseUnusual Gardening Greenhouse

A green house is an incredible gift for a gardener. It has the potential in some regions to allow for gardening year round! That’s priceless, and worth a million potted plants. Now, if you buy a greenhouse there are some options that are more affordable than you might have thought. At the same time, there are some that are just as expensive as you may have thought. Fortunately there is an alternative, and that is to make your own greenhouse. You can learn about doing this online, and there are books on it as well.

Find a greenhouse at Amazon.

Build your own greenhouse.

Find a book on building your own greenhouse.


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