Top 10 Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends

Our Top 10 Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends

Going beyond flowers, chocolates, and plain jewelry to a Special Valentines.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about Valentines this year, which is a bit unusual for me. Romance should be every day of the year … right? At least that is how I used to think about the day. Now, however, I am trying to reclaim the day as a celebration of romance and love that it hasn’t really been for us in the past. Here are some unique ways to make that day special for your girlfriend. I honestly hope this helps you get her a special Valentines gift.


Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends # 10Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends Custom Art Print

A Couples Art Print

Now there are two ways to go about this; 1. you can order it online, and there are some companies that do a damn good job; or 2. you can find a local artist to do it for you. Just please, if you want a local artist to do it, understand that you should be paying $250-$400. I am not saying that because that is what it will cost you. You can probably get it for less, but they will earn that money. Portraits take a lot of work and artists are under-respected and under-paid. Lol, my wife is an artist, and I see people try to under value her work all of the time. Anyway, getting it done online will be easy and affordable. To be honest, if I didn’t know an artist I would get it done online, as a gorgeous and affordable gift.

Create a Couples Art Print Online. (at Photo Pop Art).

Also, you may want to check out Custom Art Online, and get 10% Off + Free Ship using coupon code: CAO10PER.



Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends Baked GoodsUnique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends # 9

Something Sweet in a Box

Now you can use your imagination on this one, but it is possible to go well beyond chocolates. But, at the end of the day, if she loves a sweet thing now and again then why hold back? I’ll probably bake some homemade cookies or a small cake put a note on the top and then wrap them up. I live with my partner, so I’ll have to figure out how to hide the whole process, but hey, that’s for me to figure out. I’ve found some good looking chocolate and and cookie/brownie companies online, if you are not baking inclined … or if you’re not a chocolatier.

Get Brownies or Cookies from Ruth’s Bakery. Use the coupon code 15SAVE15 to get 15% off your order.

Get Premium Ghirardelli Chocolate. Apparently they give you 10% Off Any Purchase through this link. Let us know if that works.


.Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends Name a Star After Her

Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends # 8

Name a Star After Her

This is one of the cheesiest gifts I have ever come across, but hey it’s Valentine’s Day. Now’s your chance to get cheesy and give her something that is purely romantic. This gift is 100% symbolic. I’ve seen Different prices on these:

For a higher quality star registration go to Star Registry.

I found a Star Naming Gift Box at Amazon.

We’ll let you know if you find any other options.



Unique Valentines Gift Ideas for Girlfriends # 7

Comfortable Underwear

A lot of people will suggest that you get lingerie for Valentines, but I think that makes a better gift from her to you. If she wants to wear lingerie then she will buy it to wear it for you. If you get her some comfortable underwear then you are making a clear statement that she is sexy to you no matter what, and that you care about her comfort. Be sure to include a note that explains your reasoning, and trust me, she’ll love that you care about her like this. To be honest I’m not a 100% sure what comfortable female underwear looks like! A google search can take care of that … or just ask your girlfriend!

Find Comfortable Women’s Underwear for your girlfriend (at Amazon).



Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends Message in a BottleUnique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends # 6

Message in a Bottle

This is a symbolic and decorative gift. There are some really nice ones online, but there is no reason why you can’t try to do this yourself, if that’s what you would prefer. If I made one myself, however, I would probably send it out to sea … the ones online are going to look a lot better for decorative purposes.

Find one online (at Timeless Message).



Unique Valentines Gifts for Your Girlfriend # 5

Give a Song

If you can write it, then hats off to you, and go and get it done. If you are like most of us, then you won’t be able to write it … That’s just how it is. One day, I’ll learn enough to write my girl a love song just for us, but I’m not there yet. I recommend hiring a local musician to create the song for you. Post an ad on Craig’s List or something similar in your area. Or, go out and find a local artist to do it for you. Youtube is another place to look. You could probably get it done for a decent price as long as they can publish the song on Youtube. I’ve also noticed that there are some companies online that will do this for you, but I don’t know which one is best. She will love this gift though.



Unique Valentines Gifts for a Girlfriend # 4Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends Black Gold Necklace

Unique Jewelry

Now, I have a confession to make: I don’t usually buy jewelry for my partner. It’s just that every guy does it, so I try to avoid it. Now, that may seem like a decent enough idea, but trust me, most woman are going to want a piece of jewelry at some point, even my gf. Jewelry can be unique, romantic, and suitable, without being entirely cheesy or generic.

Click here for beautiful high quality handmade jewelry (at Ethos Jewel).

Get some Tibetan Jewelry (at Hinky Imports).



Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends Couples JournalUnique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends # 3

Joint Journal

This can be a very special gift to share between the two of you. Now the one catch with gifts like this is that the two of you actually stay dedicated to it. I’ve made/got a few gifts like this for my partner, and sometimes they are not used as completely as you would have hoped. I think the key however is to make sure that you contribute; this should make her feel more excited and willing to write in there as well. Let us know in the comments if you discover anything else that helps this work for you.

Get a Shared Journal (at Amazon).



Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends # 2Unique Valentines gifts for girlfriends 2011 Photo Book

Photo Book

This is one of my all time favorite gifts for a girlfriend for any occasion. Photo books are a way of remembering your time together and creating a new experience in that remembering. These can be very well done and have a strong impact.

Create Your Photo Book (at Mixbook).




Unique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends Engagement RingUnique Valentines Gifts for Girlfriends # 1

An Engagement Ring

I can hear the trolls out there saying that isn’t really unique or that it is too cheesy to do it on Valentine’s Day. But, at the end of the day, your proposal is entirely unique, and evanescent moment of grace. This is a classic Valentines gift that is worthy of the hype (and hey things in this world rarely are worthy of the hype these days). But, man, marriage is the ultimate symbol of love and romance. I insist that you think about it LONG and hard, but when you are certain, make your move!

Find the perfect Engagement Ring (at US Jewelry Factory).


Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments if you have any other great ideas for unique Valentines Gifts for girlfriends.