The Top 10 Game Trailers of All Time – For Gamers Only!

Here’s Our List of the Top 10 Game Trailers of All Time – Warning for Gamers ONLY!

This isn’t usually what we talk about at Unique Gift Ideas HQ, but we just felt like having a little bit of fun, so we decided to do something out of the norm (for us). You can expect plenty of this type of thing. This site doesn’t just have to be about gift giving. Anyway, without further ado, here are our top 10 Game Trailers of All Time! Be forewarned that some of these trailers contain violence, and the trailers are what are being considered, not the actual quality of the game. Also, keep in mind that this is top 10 as of Dec. 7 2010.

If you don’t like video games then you probably won’t like a lot of these; however, it is clear that the companies spent a lot of time and money making these, so feel free to take a look. If you don’t want to see any violence, then it is best to turn back now. For the record these are all public on Youtube.


Top 10 Game Trailers of All Time # 10


This is a good trailer, not the best (hence why it is # 10), but it is quite good.


Top 10 Game Trailers of All Time # 9

Starcraft II Ghosts of the Past

Now, I have to be honest and tell you that I have a soft spot for Starcraft (and Starcraft II), but either way this is a very cool trailer. In my opinion it is one that is on the cusp of the great changes that are taking place in gaming trailers. Traditionally Blizzard has made a cinematic, and those have been great, but this one is spliced more like a movie trailer. Anyway, that’s enough from me. Check out the Starcraft II trailer for yourself:


Top 10 Game Trailers of All Time # 8

Assassin’s Creed II

This trailer is almost nothing more than a glorification of violence in a video game (trailer) form, but it is well orchastrated, and violence has practically become inseparable from video games anyway. There are some other great Assassin’s Creed II trailers, like their E3 trailer , but this one captures the mood best in my opinion.


Top 10 Game Trailers of All Time # 7

Dragon Age: This is War

This trailer is another epic battle trailer. They made a E3 trailer longer version that is as you might have expected, much broader in scope. If you don’t have Dragon Age: Origins this will make you want to get it :P


Top 10 Video Game Trailers of All Time # 6

Halo 3 Starry Night

Hopefully you don’t get the Youtube Halo Ad, but that is not in my control.


Top 10 Video Game Trailers of All Time # 5

Pacific Rift

This trailer has a lot going on that has nothing to do with the game, but hey. These extra elements make it a whole lot more epic than it would have been otherwise. Good job on that!


Top 10 Gaming Trailers of All Time # 4

Gears of War 2 – The Last Day

Interestingly enough this is one of the only trailers that isn’t really violent. There is also the famous Mad World Gears of War trailer. That one started a trend for Gears of War trailers, interestingly enough, which is carried on in the Last Day (below) and Ashes to Ashes .


Top 10 Video Game Trailers of All Time # 3

Star Wars Old Republic Jedi Vs. Sith

This is an incredible trailer for any Star Wars fans … so everyone. If you haven’t seen this before then take a look for yourself.


Top 10 Video Game Trailers of All Time # 2

Team Fortress Meet the Spy

This one video game trailer has a very different flavour than the rest, but it is classic. It is a lot more clever than the other game trailers. See for yourself.


Top 10 Game Trailers of All Time # 1

Deus Ex 3 Revlution Trailer

This trailer is absolutely AMAZING! Let’s just hope they use the game to make a meaningful political statement with the final game. It would be unfortunate if they just make a predictable and bland revenge plot … They wouldn’t let me embed the video, but here is a link to Youtube: Deus Ex Human Revolution.


In the comments post links to any other gaming trailers that you think are just as good as the ones on this list.