The Advantages to Shopping Online – Shopping Online Vs. Shopping Mall

Shopping Online Vs. Shopping Mall

Now if you ask me, this is like putting an 18 year old amateur in the ring Muhammad Ali. Shopping malls are so 1990! They have just become obsolete. But, here is the chance to give them some consideration and see how shopping malls stack up against shopping online.

Variety is one of the most important factors to consider when we think about where we are going to shop. Most of us are willing to go out of our way to get to a store that has exactly what we need. But what was great about the mall when it first came into being was that it has a lot of different things in one place. If that was great about the shopping mall, then it is part of what is AMAZING about shopping online. The internet is filled with essentially endless variety. And, I don’t know about you, but malls seem to have the same things year after year … after year! For its sheer scope and boundlessness the internet wins out in terms of variety without even breaking a sweat!

Busy(ness?) is kind of a no brainer. The contrast is pretty stark. Shopping at the mall, at least where I am from, and at Christmas involves putting on a warm coat, etc. going out in the slush and driving through snowy streets several times every Christmas. I spend a lot of time on each present that I give, so I usually only get five or six ideas from a single trip to the mall. That’s right, I said ideas. I take several trips before I buy anything good. These trips are packed with hundreds if not thousands of people! Conversely, you shop online by yourself, or with family or a friend in the comfort of your own home. Shopping online is only as busy as your home. One advantage to shopping offline, at smaller, privately run stores (and sometimes bigger ones) is that occasionally you get a fun and personable cashier/clerk. You can write to us though, if you ever want to say hi :D

Travel time/cost - Now shopping online is a simple matter sitting down in my comfy chair, turning on my computer, and grabbing the mouse. There is no travel time and that is part of what is SO good about it. Also, finding deals is a lot easier and most products are much more competitively priced. The shopping mall does have an advantage in one respect here though. For anyone who loves shopping for clothes, shoes, etc. you know exactly what I am talking about. You have to try the stuff on. You can’t buy a pair of shoes before you know how they feel on your feet. One day when we have scanners to scan our feet to order custom sized shoes then we may be able to buy them online; however, until that time, it is BETTER to form fitting and tight fitting clothes as well as shoes offline, at a store or at the mall.

As for stress shopping online has almost none. Because of the variety and sites as awesome as unique gift ideas hq ;-) shopping online is a lot more accessible than it once was. That may seem like a plug for Unique Gift Ideas HQ, but the truth is that is why it exists in the first place … to make shopping online easier. I don’t know about you but I get swept away in Christmas stress when I have to go to all of the different shopping malls in my city. It is just such a CHORE! It really drags me down, and even causes some sleepless nights.

Now, despite where unique gift ideas hq, fits into this equation. We are online after all, it is hard to think of advantages of the mall as technology just gets better and better, and the internet security is no problem if you shop at the right places online.

Merry Christmas, and happy Shopping (online) ;-)