One Secret to the Best Gift Giving for Anyone

One Secret to the Best Gift Giving for Anyone

The best gift giving for anyone

One simple tip to help your gift giving stay focused

The best gift giving is actually fairly easy to understand, albeit not necessarily easy to execute. There is a simple ‘secret’ to giving the best gifts, and it can be applied to anyone on any occasion. We’re going to share this one insight with you in the hopes that it will help improve your gift giving abilities (not to say that there is anything wrong with them :P).

Are you intrigued? Well, we hope so. At Unique Gift Ideas HQ, as I am sure you can imagine, we are pretty obsessed with gifts and gift giving. It’s pretty much our job (to be obsessed with them). Anyway, let me just give you this secret before you pull your hair out in anticipation!

The simple key to giving the best gifts is to make them entirely about the recipient. I tried to state that clearly and concisely (thanks high school English teachers!), so that it doesn’t get lost in the explanation. That’s simple right?

Now, let me just explain this a little bit. Giving the best gifts for anyone, has to be about that person’s interests and in line with their values. And it’s simply because the gift is for them! Gift giving for any occasion is not about fulfilling an obligation. It may feel like it is, but gift giving can really be a whole lot more than that, and it should be.

Now, I know, sometimes it feels like a gift is all about your obligation to someone or to an occasion (like Christmas or a birthday), but remember that these are the gift giving traditions/highlights in our culture as well. Whenever you give a gift it pays to do it joyfully. A gift given with burden is a heavy package to open.

The reason it works to make a gift about the recipient is simply because they are the ones receiving it. Yes, it is simple, but a lot of people don’t really keep it in mind. We recommend that you spend some time actually thinking about the person you are buying for, about what he or she loves to do, values, or might be interested in as a hobby (if him or her well).

Now there is one other thing that comes to mind that serves sort of as a clause to the idea that the best gift giving is to think entirely about the recipient, is if you are using that gift to attempt to build on your relationship. All gifts build on your relationship with that person to some extent, or subtract from it. If this is at all unclear, just imagine you are going on a cruise or you are going to create something progressively together (like an Our Story Journal). Gifts such as those need to be at least partially about you as well. As long as you are interested in the cruise or whatever the gift happens to be then you will are on your way to giving a stellar gift.

We hope that this helps you give better gifts. Please feel free to browse our gift giving lists.

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any great gift ideas to share or need some help figuring out that perfect gift.

ps Yes, the picture above is me, and YES it is meant to be corny! :P