Gearing Up For Valentine’s Day

Gearing Up for Valentine’s Day

Getting Into Valentine’s Day For Once

Now, I’ll be upfront with you and tell you that I’ve spent enough Valentine’s Days alone to be a bit jaded about the whole thingAwakening Heart - A Special Valentines, nevermind the fact that romance is not a one day a year sort of thing. In truth romance is a healthy part of a balanced diet :P. We should be getting it everyday in a healthy and loving relationship. So Valentine’s has always seemed like a bit of a forced romantic day for a people who live a way of life that does not allow them to express romance in more comprehensive and daily sort of way (or insert any highly hypothetical social theoritical explanations here).

This Valentines is going to be different for me though. I am planning to use the day as an excuse to be overly romantic. If I can get my act together, I want to put something truly special together for my darling. She deserves it; we all do. I’m not going to give away my ideas just yet, because they are pretty awesome! I’ll be working on a budget, but that’s pretty much the usual for me.

I’ll try to create some videos on my different ideas for gifts leading up to Valentines. And, at the end of the day, I hope my Valentines gift ideas help someone make someone else feel appreciated, loved, and/or cared for. That’s what gift giving is all about for me.

All the best,