Cool Garden Gifts

Cool Garden Gifts (5 More)

Here we’ve got a few more cool garden gifts. We’ve looked through TONS of garden gift ideas to get the lists that we have. And we’ve actually found a lot of good gardening gifts, but there was really waaaay too much for just one, or two, or three lists. So here’s our fourth list of unique/unusual/cool garden gifts:


Cool Garden Gifts # 1

Compost tea brewer and/or compost teaCool garden gifts Compost Tea Brewer

Compost tea promotes plant growth. It provides immediate nourishment to plant roots, and nourishes the bacteria that make up the soil. But anyway, you don’t really need to know a whole lot about what it does. The fact is that it helps plants (big time). This stuff is awesome, and it makes a great gift (especially for food growers). You could probably get the parts separately and buy a book with some effort.

See available compost tea brew kits.

Find compost tea.



Cool Garden Gifts # 2

Cool garden gifts Painted Rain BarrelPersonalized rain barrel (“painted rain barrel”)

Rain barrels are handy for any gardener, especially if summers can or tend to be dry. Although I consider rain barrels ‘cool’ on there own, they are not all that unique of an idea, and I’m a bit of a gardening geek. But it is easy enough to add a twist. To make a rain barrel exciting paint it! I can’t believe I haven’t seen more of this.

When you personalize projects on your own we recommend that you push your comfort level a little bit, but also stick with what you have going for you. For example, if you have kids and you are getting a rain barrel for your sister (their aunt) or their grandparents you could make a plastic barrel into a cute and valued treasure with paintings done by your kids. You may want to consider hiring a local artist to do it as well if you are willing to pay a little extra. But if it were me, and trust me I am not an artist, I would just paint it myself (or get my wife to paint it, who is an artist ;).

Find a rain barrel to decorate.

For inspiration search painted rain barrel on Google. Some people have done amazing work.



Cool Garden Gifts # 3

Cool garden gifts Wild Mushroom Picking GuideWild mushroom picking guide

This is another gift catered more towards food growers, but hey that’s why I garden, so I can’t help but be a bit biased. Either way, though, if the recipient loves mushrooms, and better yet local food, then this is a way to help connect that person with the area she or he lives in, while helping them save a lot of money on buying quality mushrooms at the store.

Find a mushroom picking guide.



Cool Garden Gifts # 4

Cool garden gifts Gardening Tools for kidsGardening kit for the family

This is a great gift in my mind because it has the potential to bless the parent/gardener. Needless, to say they must have kids, preferably young (5-11 ish), and the key is to remember that you are trying to get the kid excited in gardening. This may be a gift that you want to co-ordinate with the parent first. But with a few strategic notes and hints this could be a blessing for the child and the parent alike.

I spent some time searching around Amazon, and came to the conclusion that the best idea would be to get some gardening equipment for the kids. There doesn’t seem to be a full ‘gardening kit for a family’. LOL. If you find one yourself, please let us know about it.

Find kids’ gardening stuff at Amazon.



Cool Garden Gifts # 5

Leaf ShredderCool garden gifts Leaf Shredder

In a way this is the most versatile gift on our list, as it really only requires that the person you are buying for uses compost and/or mulch. After leaves have been shredded they break down faster and take up less space. This would be a cool garden gift to get (Mom and Dad, if you’re out there … lol).

Another cool gardening gift idea is to arrange for a local landscaping company to take care of their leaves in the fall. That just requires making a few calls, and double checking that the recipient of this gift does not already have a company that does this for them.

Get more info.

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