Alone on Valentine’s Day

For Anyone Who Will Be Alone on Valentine’s Dayalone_by_buaiansayapanomali

I was just working on another list for Unique Gift Ideas HQ, when I started thinking about being alone on Valentine’s Day. That’s not a good feeling. In fact, it made me HATE Valentine’s Day! That is because I used to feel the cold and burdensome reminder that it gives to anyone who is single.

First of all, I would like to say that I feel for any of you who is going to be alone this Valentine’s. Although, I have a strong relationship now (that has some rough times), I KNOW … intimately, how it feels to believe feel unwanted ‘like that’, to believe that no one really wants to be with you, and that perhaps another Valentine’s alone is what you had coming.

I wish I could tell you that your future holds love and romance, but no one can tell you that. Anyone, who tells you that they know what your future holds is lying (to you and/or themselves) or is a little bit insane. Although it may be helpful to receive these lies of prophecy, they are not truly comforting when you feel unwanted (romantically speaking).

But I do want to say something comforting. So, let’s hope I can muster up something worthy of your time, and something that will make this Valentine’s a little less lonely or at least a little less cold.

The best thing that I can think to address, is a misconception that I had when I was younger. I used to feel that if no one loved me (romantically speaking) then I wasn’t deserving of love. It was a lie I told myself often. Simply put, though, I was wrong. You see, not all who are worthy are loved, and not all who are loved are worthy. Sometimes it has more to do with fortune that you are alone, than anything else.

If I had made a few decisions differently I never would have even met my partner. The same can be said for her. And, I don’t feel that fate brought us together. Our choices did, and I could very well be loathing another lonely Valentine’s Day.

This understanding can help you take a step back from the self-ridicule and self-doubt. Being alone at Valentine’s is not necessarily because no one wants you. I believe that there is someone out there who very easily and earnestly could, and who longs for your body and your soul as much as you long for hers (or his). No one really knows if you will even ever meet that person, but the most important thing is not that knowledge but to love yourself and improve yourself; that’s something that you can actually control, and that may just show yourself better to the world.

I hope that helps even just one person this Valentine’s.

If you need to share and talk about how you feel or have felt then please share it with us in the comments.